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Legal Translation

EVS Translations has real expertise in legal translations, providing services to the top law firms and leading regulatory, government and public organizations.

EVS Translations is a leading provider of certified language services to most of the global top 20 law firms, regulatory, government and public sector bodies; as well as to the legal departments of Fortune 500 corporations.

Your key benefits:

Quality Certified Law Translation Services from Atlanta

We facilitate the business of our market leader clients, dealing with issues such as international and banking law, liability, litigation, discovery, court transcription and judicial proceedings.

In our Atlanta location, we provide legal translation services in the areas of:

Dedicated Legal Language Services

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EVS Translations offers the first and only available German translation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, translated and reviewed by our in-house team of native German translators and financial and legal specialists.
  • Legal transcription services and trial support
  • Court language services by in-house teams of court approved translators
  • Global network of in-country legal reviewers and legal proof-readers
  • Notarized and apostille translations
  • Secure data handling, backed up by a certified high-performance computer center



Examples of legal documents translated daily by the EVS Translations legal translation experts:

Discovery: Fast assessment of priority, then quality translation of the most important 1,000 pages. The next 5,000 pages came later

"The legal translation requirements for a major international law suit started with the discovery of the relevant materials to translate, with an approximate ranking of relevance. This was followed by the rapid translation of case documentation from 12 languages into English of contracts and the associated correspondence for a major law suit. Transcription of video and audio documentation was required in addition to translating hundreds of necessary documents for the case. The year-long assignment also involved the daily translation of memos and emails on a daily basis to assure flawless communication between the involved parties."

Business Development Manager, EVS Translations USA

Call our team in Atlanta

To request a personal consultation or a no-obligation quote for your legal project: +1 404-523-5560 (corporate clients only), or send us a message by clicking the Your Contact form on the right.

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