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Legal translation services

Reliable and comprehensive translation support for cross border deals and international transactions

Unique translation service for legal matters

EVS Translations positions itself as a quality provider for diverse legal translation requirements. Our core client base includes corporate legal departments with very specialised legal translation demand, as well as global law firms with a broader demand for legal translation support.

Large in-house teams of experts give clients the ability to measure quality reliably and achieve consistent results even on rapid turnaround times. Linguists are supported by staff specialised in legal case management, project management, and multilingual projects. Certified and scalable processes across all offices allow for management of extremely high peak workload capacity as well as high constant demand. In-house translation technology optimises workflows, ensuring that clients receive ideal formats and files in accordance with data security measures.

The EVS Translations in-house model routinely outperforms the agency model preferred by the majority of LSPs in today’s market. The complexity and importance of legal translations requires delivery of quality products within a secure and agile workflow, often under considerable time pressure.

Areas of legal translation expertise:

Have your read our white paper: “Language technology for law firms”?

Whitepaper Legal EVS Translations 2018

Disruptive innovation is reshaping the legal sector bringing challenges but also opportunities. AI solutions enable law firms to automate certain tasks and service offerings, to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ultimately make their business more competitive. Our report explains how language technology supports the process of cross-border transactions by applying automation to foreign language data searching for rapid processing.

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