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Efficient, agile, seamless

Designed for our clients

Workflows at EVS Translations are carefully designed to be efficient yet flexible: we deliver translations seamlessly to you while managing specific requirements so your objectives for the content can be fully realised. They integrate professional translation with smart software solutions and robust project management, and are complimented by additional value-added services to achieve a complete solution.

An in-house approach

EVS Translations is committed to investing in the development of its own in-house staff which covers all project critical areas. This allows us to be flexible and highly responsive and to achieve greater quality control. These in-house teams – which include translation and desktop publishing experts - have evolved according to the specific demands of the clients we support. We are proud of our in-house staff which allows us to generate maximum value and remain highly competitive.

From enquiry to delivery

When you have a requirement, send your files for analysis and our teams will provide an accurate quote as well as advise on any matters you are unsure about. If you are sending design files (e.g. InDesign files for a corporate brochure), your dedicated account manager will guide you through any issues such as font compatibility and layout; if you are sending large audio files our I.T. department can set up an FTP server for secure transfer. Once we have your confirmation to proceed our linguistic and technical teams, coordinated by one project manager, will begin work. Following final delivery, EVS Translations will sign-off the translation project and update all relevant terminology databases, ready for your next project.

For long-term and large-scale requirements, EVS Translations also operates an ERM system. This allows clients to centralise and automate all administrative processes in one location. Here your team can upload new projects, request quotes, download completed files, post feedback, create reports on individuals,departments or company expenditures.

Workflows integrated with your existing in-house capacity

Many of our larger corporate clients already have their own in-house translators or even translation departments. EVS Translations partners with these companies to supplement resources and provide robust project management, which ensures quality control and value over the long-term.

Scalable workflows across time zones

EVS Translations has production centres across Europe and in the United States, all with in-house teams for translation, proofreading, desktop publishing and I.T solutions. Production is uninterrupted and services are scalable so that timeframes for large volumes, which still demand high-quality, can be met.

Advice on preparing for translation

If you have an upcoming requirement for translation, get in touch with us today to discuss the scope and scale of your project. Our project managers can reserve the schedule of the most appropriate translator or assemble a team in readiness. Where appropriate, send native files instead of PDFs to avoid additional time spent on formatting. For urgent translations, we may be able to offer staggered deliveries on large volumes, which allow you to start using the translated content at the earliest opportunity.

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