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Facilitating the global exchange of multilingual information and communications

Committed to supporting our ambitious clients

Over the past 25 years, the language services industry has grown exponentially. In the early days, language service providers operated through a simple business model: a coordinator acted as an agent outsourcing translation work to freelance staff. While many providers have continued to develop around this model, EVS Translations is unique: we have continually invested in technology and infrastructure to provide a comprehensive service that can be delivered by our own extensive in-house staff. This is a staff which is now based across 8 international offices and covers all project critical areas including translation and translation engineering. We are proud to be able to meet the diverse demands of ambitious businesses through a business model that has quality control and scalability at its core. Translations are intelligent, content is managed effectively, and the experience is seamless for you.

2018 and beyond

Translation has evolved. It’s not enough to translate individual documents anymore – businesses demand large amounts of information to be managed with precision and translated far more quickly across multiple languages per order. This is why EVS Translations provides robust project management combined with human expertise and technological solutions to deliver professional multilingual content across multiple channels. At the heart of what we do is the art of translation itself and we continue to employ the best translator talent as permanent members of our team.

EVS Translations has grown through an ambition to service a demand that shows no signs of slowing. As this demand becomes more complex in nature, and as pressure continues to translate more for less, we continue to innovate and bring our clients the very best in translation as a business service.


Our business transformation

1991, Edward R. Vick founded EVS Translations as a one-person translation company in Germany. A British entrepreneur who recognised the growth potential in language services, he initially provided translations for the financial sector. Today, EVS Translations is an internationally leading translation company and employs more than 150 people across 8 global offices.

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