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EVS Translations service is dedicated exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.

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Marketing Translation Service

Accuracy and integrity for your brand, wherever in the world you want to go

The quality of your products and services, reflected in your translated content

To be engaging and authentic, and to protect the integrity of your brand overseas, your translated content must match the professional standard of your original English content. Expertly translated marketing content resonates with local target audiences through messages which show true cultural awareness. Our marketing and advertising translation services help to create the localised voice that you need to succeed in your overseas markets.

Professional translation management for your multilingual campaigns

We ensure you create the right impact in any language. Brief us on your concept and audience, send us your style-guide, and liaise with your dedicated account manager. We’ll help you to develop the style-guide across languages and campaigns, ensure its correct implementation during the translation phase, and assign the most suitable translator.

Ask us about: 

International brochures and catalogues, localised advertising campaigns, multilingual mail shots and press releases, optimised website landing pages and foreign language promotional videos.

Your marketing collateral, ready to go

You want your content to be as engaging and emotive as it is in English. We can do that. We do it every day for the communications agencies and corporate marketing departments that we work with. And it’s through this experience that we’ve been able to fine tune our services to deliver content in exactly the format that our clients need. Our in-house Desktop Publishing experts take your marketing translation and create print-ready brochures; our subtitlers deliver foreign language videos so you can launch your product overseas; and our website team optimises your landing pages so that you convert leads into business. Streamline your project through one supplier and get effective foreign language content in the end format that you need.

Speak to our UK team today about what you’re creating and we’ll help you to take it international.

Tel.: +44-115-9 64 42 88

Marketing translation for an internationally renowned brand

EVS Translations has been translating the storyboards into multiple languages for one of our leading deodorant brands since 2012. The quality is extremely reliable and the project manager knows the way we like things done, so it’s always effortless.

-          Global Brand Manager, leading fast-moving consumer goods company

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